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Remove win32/virut

Posted by Taufiq Rohman Sunday, October 16, 2011
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I have the win32/virut virus I believe. I have spent all day trying to follow your directions posted before I sent in for help. I haven't gotten very far though. I cannot reboot because something is missing for windows and I can only go into safe mode. I cannot access my control panel, it says I am missing the .exe file for it. Here is what I have done so far.

I got the virus about a week ago. I had an old Norton, but hadn't updated it, so this is completely my fault. I will not make this mistake again. I tried to unload Norton and load AVG free. I'm not sure I ever got Norton completely off, but I did get AVG. I also downloaded Malwarebytes which got rid of some things and I thought I was okay. Yesterday my machine started going haywire. I could no longer access my control panel and was having trouble. I rebooted and couldn't get out of safe mode. I found my disks and was able to reset to an earlier date. Unfortunately not before I got the virus. After I reset I ran AVG again and found win32/virut in everything. I was going to follow your instructions and wasn't able to access the control panel so I reset again. Got to the control panel and went through the malware list. I had none on the list. Decided to go back into control panel and was unable. I downloaded and ran cc cleaner. Emptied the vault and the recycle bin.

I know I haven't done all you have asked, but I really need the help and am willing to follow your directions. I did everything on the list that I could without rebooting including all the downloads. I'm not sure what to attach to this message for your help.


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