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How to hack Fedora root password !

Posted by Taufiq Rohman Tuesday, September 13, 2011
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Today I am going to tell you the trick to hack your root passoword in Linux if you are too forgetful to remember it or you have legal permission to enter a server run by a different admin and by any chance he forgot to give you the root password.

Those Who Have GRUB bootloader.

1 The first step is to reboot server.
2 Upon Linux booting up to GRUB loader GUI, move the arrow key up/down to highlight and select the Linux kernel and press e to edit the GRUB commands before booting.

3 Next, move the arrow key up/down and select the Linux kernel and press e again.
4 Give a single space and then type the word single at the end of edited line, as shown in the snap shot.

5 Press the ENTER key and now you have a a similar GRUB screenshot as of follow.Keep the Linux kernel highlighted and press b to boot up with the single keyword, which will boot Linux into single user maintenance mode (You did nothing but to grant yourself the booting facility of a single user that is otherwise not visible while you enter the server as root in a proper way).

6 Once the Linux boot up completely into single user maintenance mode, the Linux command prompt is ready to execute command. Type passwd to reset the forgotten root password - without prompting for old root password, just type a new root password and re-type to confirm it and you are done. You have successfully changed or reset the old password without having known the old one.

7 Type reboot or exit to reboot. On next boot up, you can login with the new root password!

Remember, it is for those who have GRUB bootloaders.

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